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Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio

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Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio

We are Anthony Lo Cascio, former prominent cast member of the international award-winning show, Tap Dogs, & Staci Lo Cascio, former performer with the beloved show Sesame Street Live!, professional tap dancers whose lives & careers were in jeopardy due to severe changes in health. After many years and struggles we eventually discovered food was our prescription & went on to write the handbook we would have wanted for ourselves when we decided to change our diets/lifestyles to address our own health issues (for Staci - Hashimoto’s, for Anthony - Internal Bleeding).

“Food as a Prescription” will put you in a positive mindset and ready to tackle and overcome your own dietary challenges. It is designed to enlighten, empower, and support others as they manage their own gut health, anti-inflammatory diet & food sensitivities such as gluten, soy corn, & dairy. Discover how to successfully ‘tap’ into your healthiest selves.

Our bestselling handbook, Food As A Prescription, was recently hand selected by Amazon for the Great on Kindle Program.