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For 15 months, we have thrived on creating a podcast platform that offers a free service for those willing to share their story and be vulnerable enough to add value so that someone else may benefit from their experience.  We never realized that our little podcast would be so impactful to many individuals worldwide.  As our demand increases, we ask for donations or contributions to assist with production costs so that we may continue to lift spirits through our unbridled and unscripted podcast.          

Help support Kut2thachase Podcast by donating or to help offset the cost of processing.  We greatly appreciate your support as we continue to bring forth quality stories from some of the world's most remarkable individuals.   

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As if your interested in supporting Gregory's fight against his recent diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Cancer please utilized the GoFundMe button below.

Thanks for your support and contribution, we appreciate the all of the support and encouragement