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OMG.. it was great. Ran smooth, you made everything so easy and fun. Happy guest and helping share knowledge to keep it moving forward and inspirational. I cannot wait to be back on... thank you.

Authentic is too trite a word!

K2TC Podcast is one of thee most authentic podcast I’ve been a guest for in 2021.....the homework they performed, the authenticity of the questions and the overall energy of the host was quite refreshing!

Very Informative

I love how I was able to tell the truth about real PR & marketing on this platform.

Amazing conversation

I loved being on this podcast—Gregory is so prepared, kind, and thoughtful. Thanks again!

Excellent Podcast!!

I love the podcast!!

Sick, Fat and Tired

Very smooth, informative, and great host- very prepared.

Great Opportunity

Gregory spent time developing and tailoring my podcast to me. He made me feel special and really connected with me through shared experiences. His natural way of building a conversation felt effortless. I really enjoyed my time with Gregory and can't wait to listen to more of his podcasts featur…

An incredible experience

In a world where human connection is fading, I absolutely love to have the ability to hear the stories of the individuals in the world around me. Hearing the stories, knowledge, and experiences of our neighbors and friends makes the world a much more interesting place. Thank you for creating such a…

A motivating platform!

This podcast is very educational & fun! The topics are informative and empowering, with encouraging quotes and overall real life experiences for the audience to relate to. I enjoy this podcast!

Top 2 Podcast... and it's not 2

Gregory is an absolutely fantastic host. He does a great job of making the topic interesting but also making sure there is meaning behind it. You can tell he puts in a lot of time and effort. Highly recommend this podcast to people who are looking for great stories and inspiration!

Delighted gratitude

Wow, Gregory, I absolutely loved your thoughtful questions and the space you've held for this to happen. My heart is filled with so much gratitude and I loved exploring "Let love in" with you.

Connect. Engage. Inform.

Gregory does a phenomenal job bringing relevant topics to the business community. His ability to create a fun, entertaining, yet informative platform makes it easy to be yourself and simply have a conversation.


It was amazing ! Greg has a way of making you feel like a million bucks in his presence

If you’re looking to level up - listen to this show

If you’re looking to increase the diversity of information you consume on a daily basis, this show is for you. You hear from so many different people from so many different backgrounds that you’ll get something to think about in each episode. Keep up the great work Greg 🙌🏾🙌🏾

At Ease with Gregory!

What a great podcast for listeners to get a look into the experiences of others! Had a great time talking to Gregory and he does a wonderful job making guests feel welcome and at ease!

Great podcast!

I love the frank and honest discussions. Gregory is a wonderful host. I always learn something new when I listen to Kut2thatchase.

All of Your Energy is Going to Your Mouth

Super! Greg is an excellent host. He is knowledgeable on a range of topics and displays the highest level of professionalism. The kut2tha chase podcast is by far one of the leading mediums in the self development and personal growth space.

Habit Change

I really liked your process of interviews and you did ask great questions and added so much value to the audience.

Kut 2 Tha Chase - Greg Brisco

The podcast was true to the name of "Kut2ThaChase!" I never intended sharing the information that I did. Greg was such an amazing host that it felt like 2 friends just having a conversation. It was such a therapeutic experience for me, and I pray that the listeners were able to understand the take-…

Fantastic experience

Joe and I had a great time being interviewed by Greg. He is very welcoming and easy to chat with. If only we had more time with him! :)

A show you want to be on!!!

Gregory is a warm and well researched host! I really enjoyed speaking with him and taking his direction! He has meaningful conversations and I look forward to keeping in touch!

Wonderful Podcast!

I LOVE everything about this podcast and the platform it offers entrepreneurs like myself. It was a wonderful experience and everyone is so professional and pleasant!

Gregory is fabulous!

I met Gregory last year and I was so excited that he asked me to be apart of his podcast! Gregory gives tremendous value on so many levels. Gregory delivers great insight and his attention to detail and his ability to communicate effectively is a absolute breath of fresh air!

Engaging and Honest

I love the format of this podcast. It really feels like meeting new people and getting to know them on a personal level. The stories told and concepts discussed are engaging and elightening!

Very real people sharing very real perspectives

Kut2thaChase features very real people from all walks of life, sharing their life stories and experiences and viewpoints about a variety of topics. Gregory Proctor is a wonderful host who truly connects with his guests and brings out the best in their conversations. No topic is off limits and both …

Podcast for Everyone & Everywhere

Kut2thachase is a podcast that offers something for everyone from professional success and failures to overcoming rock bottom and most importantly stories and encouragement from a variety of individuals that nothing is every too far out of reach! Highly recommend! You won’t regret tuning into Kut2t…

Inspire yourself by good example

Always tuning in for inspiration by true example.


This podcast has a little something fir everyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration in business, life, or fun. THIS is the place to be! The variety in guests and creative behind each production will keep you entertained and curious. THANK YOU for inviting me as a guest!

Great host!

I was fortunate to be asked to be a guest on a Kut2ThaChase podcast. Gregory was well prepared, asked great questions and made me feel at ease. He was very supportive of my mission and enjoys seeing others succeed. Gregory is a true leader with a great vision.

Thank you!!

After connecting with Greg and his team I have to say; I admire the work Greg in his team but behind each episode. His message is clear and the episodes I’ve had an opportunity to listen to are so rewarding. For a good listen and nuggets I recommend this one!

The Stress Guru says...

I thought it was great how Gregory really got personal with both his and my story and allowed me to be my true self ["inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit]. This made me feel really comfortable and allowed me to share little gems of information that I hope will reach the ears that need to hear…

Thoughtful Podcast

Very thoughtful interviewer & Extremely Positive topics!

Great podcast

Great format and interesting guests. Love the variety and perspectives that it provides.

Real stories told by real people!!!

I’m a very frequent listener of this podcast. I find it very informative, and I’ve learned a lot from it, I’ve felt identified myself with many of the stories that been told here as well. Keep up the great work!!!

5 star review

I had a great time being interviewed on the Kut2thachase Podcast!! Gregory made it extremely fun and light hearted. His own story enlightened me, and his personal skill to interact in a fun energetic way, made it a ton of fun to be a guest.

Podcast Atmosphere, Great Host, Fun

Kut2thachase is a fun and informative podcast. Gregory is a great host. He is attentive, great attention to detail is not robotic, and we were able to have a fluid conversation. I would recommend this podcast to others and would love to make another guest appearance.

Kut2thachase Relevant & Real

Kut2thachase is necessary for the times that we’re living in right now. Kut2thachase gives the guess an opportunity to express themselves without any judgment. The choice of people that Mr. Proctor brings to the podcasts are amazing. I would recommend this podcast to anyone that would like to hear …

Highly engaging

Gregory as the host is energetic and engaging. He asks intriguing questions for very interesting episodes.

Unique podcast DEFINITELY worth the listen!

This podcast is as fun to listen to as it was to be interviewed. The format is new, the topics are fresh and there’s a little bit of something for everybody in each show. If you haven’t listened to an episode yet you’re definitely missing out. Once you start, you’ll be hooked and you’ll understand …

Excellent podcast series

I love the format and that it’s stories of real people who anyone can relate to. The host is amazing and with great sense of humor.

Feeling at Home

I was a guest on Kut2ThaChase podcast a few weeks ago and I had a great time! The host makes you feel very comfortable and asks great insightful questions. I’ve listened to previous shows and I like the fact that this podcast provides a safe space for everyday creatives, thinkers and entrepreneur…

Authentic & Captivating

They do a wonderful job tapping into various untold stories from their featured guests. The podcast’s unscripted & unbridled approach is quite extraordinary. If your looking for a podcast which is non-traditional, no fluff, and genuinely gets straight to the point then tune-in to this podcast.

Dropping Gems 💯💯💎💎

A Podcast that is true to its title when it says Kut2thechase. Very transparent with content that will have your full attention in each episode. If you don’t gain some knowledge throughout the process of the show then...LISTEN TO IT AGAIN!!

Real dialogue between interesting people!

Congrats to the Kut2tchase group for putting out such a professional, interesting, informative, educational podcast! I'm a huge fan and will continue to listen with incredible enthusiasm... Always looking forward to the next show! Please keep up the great work! Cheers!

This podcast is real AF!

Went through a few episodes and let me tell you that they know exactly what they’re talking about! Straight to the point no fluff and very knowledgeable people. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone out there trying to have a better perspective/view of life.