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Cindy Myers

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Author, alpaca farm owner, animal communicator and intuitive energy healer

My back story of how I came to being an animal communicator and intuitive energy healer has been of interest to many. I started my career as an engineer working for the Navy and I worked on Radars and now I own an alpaca farm and work as an intuitive energy healer and I AM a radar! The road to get to this place has been as a result of a lot of life changes and experiences. I was dissatisfied as an engineer but I knew I had good listening and people skills. I decided to earn a Master's Degree in Counseling. But that wasn't quite the right fit for me either. It was a house fire that really changed my path in life. Losing everything gave me an opportunity to have a life do-over moment, and I took advantage of it. Despite a lot of fear, anxiety and depression, I fought my way through and during that time, discovered alpacas. My intuition was growing all the while and it was spending time with alpacas that my confidence grew and my passion in life came about. It took more years before finally embracing the fact that I can do this intuitive work and share it with others. I now work with people helping them find their authentic selves and I help their pets and animals of all kinds dealing with physical and emotional issues. Many find my story relatable and gives them hope to make their own life changes. I have written three books thus far. One is my memoir of how I came to my intuition titled Alpacas Don't Do That. Then I wrote a how to book, 5 Steps To Animal Communication, and I recently published a children's book titled Booster the Rooster Who Couldn't Tell Time which I wrote and illustrated myself. I have more children's books in the works too! I currently live and own an alpaca farm in Oregon.