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Deborah S Hawkins

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Author, blogger

Deborah Hawkins developed a gratitude practice to work her way out of depression in her early fifties. At a very low point in life, she began writing short reflections on things in her everyday life that she appreciated. She has I been posting almost every week for 11 years. After three years, she read all her posts and saw that she tended to write about a handful of themes. She believes everyone has personal gratitude themes and once you know yours, it becomes easier to identify things in your world that can elevate your mood. Gratitude, at his most powerful ,is not a Sunday School virtue, nor is it a response to things going your way. It’s a way you can be confident that you can always find something to appreciate. She wrote two books, The Best of No Small Thing – Mindful Meditations and Practice Gratitude: Transform Your Life and leads a zoom-enabled class, “Helium for Your Heart: Elevate Your Outlook with Intentional Gratitude.” She lives in Chicago.