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DeVannon Hubert

Author/ Podcast Host

De’Vannon Hubert is the author of Sex, Drugs, and Jesus, a memoir about his struggles with
drug addiction, drug dealing, homelessness, serving in the Armed Forces, contracting HIV and HEP B, and rejection
from his church for his sexuality.
De’Vannon is also the host of the Sex, Drugs, and Jesus Podcast and is the owner of
DownUnder Apparel - A lingerie and sportswear store for men and women. Aside from this, De'Vannon is an Honorably discharged veteran of the
United States Air Force and a graduate of both Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the
Hypnosis Motivation Institute. De’Vannon’s story is one of surviving the social outskirts and
finding one’s way back to a balanced path.

A Little Bit More About De’Vannon:

My name is De’Vannon Hubert and I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Discovering my sexuality
while growing up as a Christian in the South wasn’t easy, but I didn’t get into any real trouble
until my own church told me I wasn’t welcome in God’s house, in my twenties. Dejected, I
spiraled into drug addiction and crime, and my drug of choice was crystal meth. After years of
living life to the extreme with the craziest drugs and wildest sex I could imagine, my HIV+
diagnosis only told me one thing: Go out with a bang because your life is almost over.
Today, my life is a very different story and much has changed. I’m not homeless, I don’t think my
life is ending any time soon, and I have an evolving perspective of what it means to live a
balanced and spiritual life. I make it a point to have people in my life who many would say live
on the "social outskirts" and who embrace ideas and practices society believes to be "taboo"
because these are my people and we have so much in common. I have a dirty, sexual, VERY
open mind and yet maintain a strong connection with Jesus Christ. I feel called to tell my story
and connect with others to help them find a greater understanding of themselves and a path to
spirituality as well