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LaSandra Collins

Author, Tranformational Coach and Speaker

LaSandra Collins is an author, talk show host, transformationalist coach, and speaker who is enthusiastic about encouraging and inspiring others to see themselves as Christ sees them. She has a sincere desire to help women remove their known and unknown masks. LaSandra is skilled at helping women unpack the baggage of trauma or situations that have been languishing in their lives that have caused recurring setbacks and cycles of poor decision-making and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Her life mission is to empower women and build them up, helping them realize they are everything Christ says they are, giving them the tools needed to help them be all that Christ has called them to be so that they can walk boldly in their divine purpose. “I am a woman on a mission to help the lives of women for generations to come” is her mantra. LaSandra serves women's ministry organizations and frequently partners with non-profits organization.

LaSandra articles are frequently featured in the monthly publication of the Faith Heart Magazine. She released her second book, "Uniquely You: Pulling Off the Mask," in December 2020, which is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Walmart. She also released a devotional book entitled, “From A Christian Perspective: Encouragement for Daily Living" in February 2018, which is available for download on www.smashwords.com.

LaSandra resides in Spring, Texas with her husband and youngest son. Together they have five children and three grandchildren. She belongs to The Church Without Walls in Houston, TX, and regularly attends bible study. Her hobbies include winning souls for Christ, spending time with family, writing, and traveling.