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Marci Warhaft

Marci Warhaft Profile Photo

Author, Resiliency Coach

Marci Warhaft is a recognized expert on body image and self-esteem, a resiliency coach and founder of The Fit vs Fiction body image workshops. She was named one of Canada’s Marci Top 100 influencers for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by Optimyz fitness magazine. She is the author of, “The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents” and, “The Good Stripper: A Soccer Mom’s Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lap Dances” Where she shares in raw, honest and intimate detail her eye-popping journey to self discovery. By turning a life of turmoil into an example of tenacity and resilience, Marci uses her experiences to help others release themselves of the shame, guilt and insecurities that keep them from living their lives with the joy they deserve.