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Pin Cher

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Founder | Coach

Pin Cher is a personal development & career coach and comes from a diverse and international background. Her passion lies in working and coaching with corporate professionals and high performers to achieve even greater success. She helps them unlock their professional and personal potential and create an intentional, meaningful life that lights them up.

In the past, Pin herself felt stuck and lost in her career direction. This painful experience has taught her valuable lessons and insights, and now shares her experience & knowledge in helping others achieve their own success and unlocking their hidden genius.

Pin's coaching is a powerful combination of head and heart, reflection and action and her goal is to help others find their North Star to lead a life with more meaning and purpose. She brings to her clients' experience and expertise gained from multiple global careers in different industries and working with top-tier global firms.

Pin is a certified coach with the Jay Shetty Certification School and has been featured by several TOP podcasts and is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine

In her personal life, Pin is passionate about mindfulness, meditation and all sorts of outdoor sports