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Ros McMaster

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Author, Counsellor, Psychic Medium

Mine is a story of the journey to find emotional & spiritual peace through betrayal, grief, and loss. The journey entailed healing that came through writing my now published self-help memoir "From Shadows to Light". It's a story of triumph over tragedy that I hope will inspire others to move from blame to accountability. From victim to victorious.

​An Australian born psychic medium and counsellor, my memoir came about after a series of tragic life events forced me to question the relationships around me, none more so than the relationship I had with herself. At the age of 54, my 30-year marriage to Andrew ended, leaving me to deal with years of suppressed anger. One year later, I was diagnosed with a rare form of stage four bowel cancer. The very next year my karmic journey with Andrew came to a head after he too was diagnosed with cancer and passed away - 5 weeks after his diagnosis.

With my background in psychology, I used the memoir as a 'self-help' tool, becoming both counsellor and client in deep psychoanalysis of my entire life. Exposing and understanding my shadows, and Andrews', which were rooted in a complex web of co-dependence, addictions, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and at the very core of it all, a deep lack of self-worth. I aim to take the listener/reader with me as I begin healing the past and taking responsibility for the role I played in creating years of unhappiness.

I am of the belief that the very toxic anger I carried for so long was the contributor to my developing bowel cancer. Now five and half years later - after a prognosis of 2-3yrs - I believe I've continued to defy the odds due to the deep levels of emotional healing I have undertaken, combined with diet, exercise, the power of love/prayer/faith/community.... and a deep daily practise of gratitude.

Locally in Australia, I have been a guest on 2 Radio programs to talk about the "Blessings I Found in Adversity", as well as my own blogs, podcast, and memoir. I also continue to work as a spiritual counsellor and have a desire to show others that there is a path to happiness through personal responsibility.