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Sharon Valenti

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Sharon Valenti is a serial entrepreneur, coach and teacher.

She has worked with celebrities, millionaires, casino owners, inventors, other coaches as well as every day people!

She has been a featured on TV, radio, magazines and podcasts. She has received dozens of awards. She is an expert in coaching, leadership, sales and experiential teaching. She is a leading expert in helping people achieve the life they’ve only dreamed of.

Her past clients have praised her for her ability to problem solve, her sincerity, honesty, integrity, and ability to really listen and get to the bottom of their problems in a succinct way. She is compassionate, thinks outside of the box, and curious about life.

Her tumultuous early years in life and subsequently finding her way into a life she loves led her to want to help others do the same. She is the founder of BluePrint for Stress Release. While her courses are for everyone, she is dedicated to teaching teens/young adults who feel isolated, empty inside, unloved, depressed, etc. how to revolutionize their beliefs so they begin to feel connected in life.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about success in business- it's also about being happy with who you are as a person.

Through her work, she has discovered ways to bring out the best in people and make them feel confident; which leads to more success at home and work.