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Excellent podcast series
I love the format and that it’s stories of real people who anyone can relate to. The host is amazing and with great sense of humor.

Feeling at Home
I was a guest on Kut2ThaChase podcast a few weeks ago and I had a great time! The host makes you feel very comfortable and asks great insightful questions. I’ve listened to previous shows and I like the fact that this podcast provides a safe space for everyday creatives, thinkers and entrepreneurs to share their story! They make you feel right at home. Give them a listen and subscribe 👍🏼

Authentic & Captivating
They do a wonderful job tapping into various untold stories from their featured guests. The podcast’s unscripted & unbridled approach is quite extraordinary. If your looking for a podcast which is non-traditional, no fluff, and genuinely gets straight to the point then tune-in to this podcast.

Dropping Gems 💯💯💎💎
A Podcast that is true to its title when it says Kut2thechase. Very transparent with content that will have your full attention in each episode. If you don’t gain some knowledge throughout the process of the show then...LISTEN TO IT AGAIN!!

Real dialogue between interesting people!
Congrats to the Kut2tchase group for putting out such a professional, interesting, informative, educational podcast! I'm a huge fan and will continue to listen with incredible enthusiasm... Always looking forward to the next show! Please keep up the great work! Cheers!

This podcast is real AF!
Went through a few episodes and let me tell you that they know exactly what they’re talking about! Straight to the point no fluff and very knowledgeable people. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone out there trying to have a better perspective/view of life.