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Enjoyable and insightful
Lots of guests with insightful reflections and useful earnings

Just Sonia
Kut2thachase is an inspiring podcast and I enjoyed speaking with Gregory Proctor in addressing life’s questions and perceptions. I’m honored to have been part of his podcast. I believe the essence of this podcast is for the betterment of ourselves.

Where Are All the Good Men? Look for them in the workshop.
Gregory did a great job of guiding the conversation and knitting together the main ideas of practicing life-as-a-craft. Listing to skilled podcast hosts getting to the heart of the matter is the same as finding a skilled mentor. Once you find one, wear out their doorstep!!!

Real Talk and Topics
Kut2ThaChase is one of the most compelling and epic podcasts that I have ever heard with its real talk and topics! If you want real discussions with no fillers, then you are in the right place at the right time!

Highly Articulated and Meaningful Conversations
I appreciate that Gregory does not skirt around difficult conversations. Instead, he provides a platform to safely and deeply discuss all sides of the argument. The show challenges you to strive to be a better human.

Happy Guest
The host knows what he is talking about and brings on only the top guests to the show. It was a pleasuer to be on the show. Keep doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

What a Joy
Great listen, and wonderful guests. I feel like I am sitting with them having a conversation. Would highly recommend!

Great energy and interviewer.
Here is biscuits and gravy for the ears. A shot of comfort and a feeling of community. 🥰

One of a Kind Podcast
I had a great time being interviewed on the Kut2thachase Podcast!! Greg and the Crew made it extremely fun and light-hearted. I'm a huge fan! Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Easy on the ears
Looking for a fun and educational way to pass time? Look no further than Kut2 the chase. Rather than blab for five minutes, Greg gets right to it, asking thoughtful and well researched questions to his guests. Highly recommend.

Kut2thaChase is a Winning Podcast
I greatly enjoyed being a guest on K2TC. Gregory is thoughtful and easy to talk to. He brings great insights to the conversation and I believe is delivering messages that his listeners will be enriched by listening to. Give it a listen -- you'll walk away feeling inspired!

A great way to start the day
This is an excellent podcast to get my day started with some inspiration and positivity! 5/5 stars!

Fantastic show!
Gregory's ability to articulate and lead an interview brings incredible value to listeners.

Great conversation, full of heart
Gregory is an incredibly warm and inviting interviewer, putting the interviewee at ease for an easy and open conversation. He clearly has a big, open heart and great compassion for others. I appreciated his professionalism and organization, making it a super easy, seamless experience. Thank you, Gregory!

Like Listening To Two Friends Talking About Things That Matter
The Kut2ThaChase podcast is nice easy listen. Something you look forward to, to laugh, learn something new and maybe consider things differently than when your first started listening. A great listen!

Great coming on as a guest!
I had a great time appearing as a guest on K2tcpodcast! It was a fun and positive experience! I would love to be apart of this special project again!

Great Podcast
Very professional! Great team. Gregory is one of the best podcasters who interviewed me. He did his research and touched on important topics.

Authentic and Engaging
Being a guest on Gregory's Podcast was a lovely experience. I deeply appreciate his dedication to being authentic, his engaging questions, insightful and well researched comments, and most of all that he makes the space for people's stories to be shared. Gregory, his team, and the Kut2ThaChase Podcast family are wonderful all around.

A well researched host makes for the best podcast episode
As an experienced podcast guest, I have found that the best conversations are when the host is well-rounded and does research on his guests and their backgrounds. I had such a wonderful time recording my episode with Greg. It's truly because of his wide range of knowledge, the respect he shows for his guests and his practice of compassion, understanding and willingness to engage emphatically. Greg Proctor is a wonderful host and I am fortunate to be selected as a guest. He has a keen skill of taking a show through highs and lows and that makes for an enjoyable and entertaining show. Highly recommend this show and host Greg!

Great Experience
Gregory's system is buttoned up and organized. The experience went very smoothly, which I really appreciate. Gregory is also great to work with.

Amazing experience, amazing podcast
Greg and his team are so down to earth and so professional. Kut2thachase is real stories with real emotions. This is what the world needs.

OMG.. it was great. Ran smooth, you made everything so easy and fun. Happy guest and helping share knowledge to keep it moving forward and inspirational. I cannot wait to be back on... thank you.

Authentic is too trite a word!
K2TC Podcast is one of thee most authentic podcast I’ve been a guest for in 2021.....the homework they performed, the authenticity of the questions and the overall energy of the host was quite refreshing!

Very Informative
I love how I was able to tell the truth about real PR & marketing on this platform.

Amazing conversation
I loved being on this podcast—Gregory is so prepared, kind, and thoughtful. Thanks again!

Excellent Podcast!!
I love the podcast!!

Sick, Fat and Tired
Very smooth, informative, and great host- very prepared.

Great Opportunity
Gregory spent time developing and tailoring my podcast to me. He made me feel special and really connected with me through shared experiences. His natural way of building a conversation felt effortless. I really enjoyed my time with Gregory and can't wait to listen to more of his podcasts featuring other awesome guests!

An incredible experience
In a world where human connection is fading, I absolutely love to have the ability to hear the stories of the individuals in the world around me. Hearing the stories, knowledge, and experiences of our neighbors and friends makes the world a much more interesting place. Thank you for creating such a raw and brilliant podcast.

A motivating platform!
This podcast is very educational & fun! The topics are informative and empowering, with encouraging quotes and overall real life experiences for the audience to relate to. I enjoy this podcast!