Season #4 Seasons

Season #4

E85 - I'm Rooting For You

March 30, 2021

Our special guest today grew up in a small town in Southern CA with humble beginnings. After graduating high school, she decided to join the Navy. Her first duty station was NAS Whidbey Island, WA, where she met and then married her husband. As a Veteran herself, she supported, understood, and enco…

Season #4

E84 - Take Action

March 29, 2021

Our special guest today has a BA in Clinical Psychology, and she is working on her MBA with a concentration in project management. She currently works at a progressive Jewish organization called IKAR, as their Development Associate. She enjoys doing work that has a purpose and knowing that her work…

Season #4

E83 - Play It Forward

March 28, 2021

Our special guest today is a native San Diego, and he is a recent college graduate. He graduated in the early stages of the pandemic in May of 2020 from Ohio University. He graduated with majors in Sport Management, Finance, and Business analytics. He has gone on to work for the National Sports For…

Season #4

E82 - Where To Start

March 28, 2021

Today, our special guest is a business consultant, motivational speaker, business strategist, life coach, and professional tennis coach. His career started in financial services back in 2006. Forward 2009, the stock market crashed when his career was firing on all cylinders; right at that moment, …

Season #4

E81 - Let Love In

March 27, 2021

Today, our special guest is a love and relationship coach, intuitive healer, heart-centered artist, people connector, and lover of nature. Growing up in a divided home requiring the management of a variety of complex relationship structures from a very young age, she has spent most of her career fo…

Season #4

E80 - It's Personal

March 26, 2021

Our special guest today is born and raised in the Greater Seattle area. She went to the University of Washington with a degree in Business. She did the "try somewhere new" after college and went to San Diego. After a year of being in a corporate job she hated, she said it's time to do what I've wan…

Season #4

E79 - On A Mission To Be The Change

March 25, 2021

Today, our special guest is the CEO/Founder of Enchanted Hearts Alzheimer's and Dementia Association. She trains memory care professionals and caregivers to care for individuals with Alzheimer's. She is the CEO/Founder of Charlie's Home for Vets, which assists homeless veterans with housing, clothi…

Season #4

E78 - Ask Dr. Pat

March 24, 2021

Today, our special guest is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author of the Bestseller WHY... Are You Sick, Fat, and Tired? Published in December 2019. She has helped thousands over the last 35+ years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and chronic pr…

Season #4

E77 - The Transition

March 23, 2021

Our special guest is an Interior Electrician that served 20 years in the US Air Force in Law Enforcement and the last 12 years in Recruiting. He currently works as a Global Lead Technical Recruiter for Lockheed Martin. He was a contract Recruiter for F5 Networks, a contractor for Experis-IT/Manpowe…

Season #4

E76 - Your Comfort Is An Enemy To Your Destiny

March 21, 2021

Today, our special guest was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest of (5) children. He attended and graduated from the Atlanta Public School System and attended Morris Brown College, where he marched in the Marching Wolverine Band as a Drumline and Drum Major member. He received his Ass…