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April 7, 2021

E91 - Starting Over

E91 - Starting Over

Today, our special guest has lived and worked in Virginia all her life and has always had a passion for marketing, starting at a very young age. She is the proud mom to three exceptional children and the owner/founder of a social media management firm.

She worked in the automobile industry for over nine years, spearheading and overseeing departments in business development and marketing. During that time, she earned her degree from Old Dominion University and began pursuing her MBA from Liberty University.

She founded Organized Marketing (OM) in 2011 with dreams and planned to make it a reality when it was right. That time came in 2017, and she has never looked back.

OM officially started when she was working from her kitchen table, and one client was willing to give her a chance at handling marketing for his furniture stores. She has continued to help small businesses grow by offering them professional marketing services and now has a team of 10, which serves nearly 30 clients in VA, NC, NY, and NJ. One of her proudest moments for OM was in December of 2020 when one of her clients called to share the news that her business was chosen as State and National Insurance Partners of the Year because of its strong social media presence.

She brings over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to her clients. She understands the retailer and consumer and believes all businesses should have access to professional marketing. She attributes her success to her amazing clients, devoted team, and her family’s strong work ethic.

Welcome to our Featured guest, Beth Farrar-Clary.

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