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April 14, 2021

E99 - Discrimination Hinders Change

E99 - Discrimination Hinders Change

Our featured guest today is a social program developer, and the author of the book "The Future of Palestine: How Discrimination Hinders Change”.

She was born and raised in a conservative Palestinian society, she learned to think critically and question the given norms.

When she first started the book, she said it was mainly for Palestinians and Palestinians only. But after living in the U.S. for two years, she said she realized there are people who have either no knowledge about Palestinian society at all or just have a limited perspective.

She was hugely impacted by her involvement in many phenomenal leadership programs like The International Women Leaders Program, MEPI - Student Leaders Program, and CGI U. This led her to design and implement her own leadership development projects that have a positive impact in her Palestinian community.

She is also a content writer at Hub101, an event coordinator at Californian Lutheran University’s School of Management, and a private ESL teacher.

When she is not running around between classes, work, and Model United Nations club meetings, she enjoys travelling and getting to know new cultures and people, defying the stereotypical image of how they are portrayed in the media.

Welcome to our featured guest, Tamar Haddad.

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