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April 7, 2021

E92 - The Wildcard

E92 - The Wildcard

Our special guest today has made a career offering stories as a service. She helps leaders craft their stories to communicate and connect better through concise and compelling ghostwritten social media posts.

She also writes engaging, original, and authentic Career Stories for her clients, positioning them for success and changing how others perceive, pay, partner with, and promote them. In all her work, she provides her clients clarity of messaging to strengthen their personal brands and thought leadership.

A longtime Leadership Contributor for Forbes, she covers personal transformation and its impact on career growth. She also regularly creates and shares original content through her popular Illuminate Me newsletter and active social media channels.

Her career spans several decades and industries, but her goal has always been the same: to help her clients identify and communicate their strengths in a creative and highly appealing manner.

Before founding her strategic writing practice, she spent a decade in the marketing and communications industry, beginning her career at Young & Rubicam Advertising and culminating as a branding consultant for international firms Landor Associates and Enterprise IG. During this time, she partnered with her clients to create, renew, and strengthen their brands.

She then applied her branding expertise to the world of travel and tourism, where for over fifteen years, she led and advised destination marketing organizations in California. Her engagement within the tourism industry led to her involvement with the California Travel Association, where she served on its Executive Committee and board, as Chair of its annual conference, and leader of its statewide Ambassador Council.

Her love of telling a compelling story can be traced back to her college years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media from the University of California, San Diego with a minor in Communications.

Welcome our featured guest, Amy Blaschka.

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