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April 26, 2021

E103 - Stand Up For The Girls Club

E103 - Stand Up For The Girls Club

Our featured guest today is a funny, passionate, and insightful stand-up comedian and activist.

Her comedy covers relatable topics like parents and dating and dives into her views on Latin American geopolitics, including the current crisis in Nicaragua.

She is a Nicaraguan American that grew up just outside Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley and has been involved in performing arts for many years. She devoted her teens to musical theatre, speech debate, and operatic vocal performance, but when in a completely different direction in college, earning a BA in Economics from California State University Northridge and an MA in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Over 2 million views on YouTube from the popular YouTube Channel, The Reel Rejects, were featured on Buzzfeed's Tasty channel. She also was on the PBS show First Nations Comedy Experience.

She hosts the comedy podcast Villains of History. She is also performed in some of the top comedy festivals in the country, including Laughing Skull and Big Pine.

Welcome to our featured guest, Cat Alvarado.

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