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May 12, 2021

E131 - Journey to Success

E131 - Journey to Success

Today, our featured guest was an Ex-Police Officer for over six years in London, UK.

Since leaving the force, she has traveled worldwide, working with 6-9 figure Gurus in the digital marketing sector, forming sales procedures, and coaching teams on event sales.

She is also an award-winning author, with a copy of her book in Her Majesty the Queen of England’s Private Royal Library.

She had her book launch in Toronto, Canada, where Bob Proctor and Dr. Demartini presented her an Award for “My Inspirational Journey to Success.”

She has been interviewed on TV and published articles on platforms such as Manhattan Neighborhood Network, The Huffington Post, Roku Channels TV, Amazon Fire TV, Footprint TV, iTunes & One Tribe Magazine.

She also started an English School in Bali, Indonesia, where she lived for two years for the local families who were not able to afford to send their kids to English classes – it started with one child, and soon the word got out, and she had 12 children attend her class.

She has been involved in a fantastic charity called Bali Wise. Her role was to use her teachings to transform the women from traditional homemakers into growing and monetizing their skills to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

She coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners on implementing the five main pillars of business: sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations & Leadership.  She uses her SUPERPOWER and her uncanny way of thinking outside of the box!

She is here today to share with us how to stand out and gain new perspectives on how to have clients throw their money at your business rather than you chase them.

Welcome to our featured guest, Kalpna Suthar.

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