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July 21, 2021

E143 - Hack My Way Back to Happiness

E143 - Hack My Way Back to Happiness

Today, our featured guest is a proud single parent, TEDx speaker and coach, life and divorce coach, and author.

She is a graduate of UBC and Western Law School. Following her call to the bar, she discovered her coaching passion as career development director at Western Law School.

Her expertise is in assisting women who have given up their full-time careers or businesses to stay home and raise their children. She helps them have clarity about what life looks like now, confidence in their changing roles, as well as security in knowing it is all going to be OK.

Pivotal experiences in her life catapulted her on a quest for answers to find “her happy,” culminating in her books, YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness and an upcoming journal book follow up: YOLO: 52 Weeks Of Happiness Hacks.

In YOLO: Essential Life Hacks For Happiness, she authentically shares practical and meaningful tips on communication, self-reflection, and how helping others also results in helping yourself. She fearlessly digs deep into the complexity of being human and how critical it is to have a degree of honesty with yourself to find, protect, maintain and share “your happy.”

She is also a co-author in two anthologies, Passed Down From Mom: A Collection of Inspiring Stories About Moms & Motherhood and soon-to-be-released From The Frontlines Of COVID-19: Inspiring True Stories Of Everyday Heroes.

Welcome to our featured guest, Vindy Teja.

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