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Dec. 31, 2020

E49 - Don’t Beg & Don’t Fight

E49 - Don’t Beg & Don’t Fight

Alina and Gregory discuss what life was like in Armenia which it was part of the Soviet Union.  During the years of war in her country, she had to endure difficult living conditions with no water, no electricity, and bad quality food.  That part of her life makes her appreciate everything she has today, she does not take anything for granted.  Alina was struggling for years trying to find happiness while dealing with her conservative culture where men are dominant, and women have no right to make decisions. instead of partnership, women should be like a servant with no right to make decisions.  She was suffocating because her personality is completely different, and she had to play that role of “good” wife for years.

A few years ago, her life changed completely due to a new concept called Reality Transurfing, that concept says: If you want something, don’t beg and don’t fight for it, just go and take it.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode and gain a perspective on life through lens of our featured guest.  

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