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May 6, 2021

E119 - Tap Into Your Power

E119 - Tap Into Your Power

Today, our featured guest is a spiritual activist known as The Hungry Medium.  She uses her mediumship to help others find direction, clarity, and focus on their lives. Her goal is to inspire folks to shift their mindset and seek their true spiritual path.

She is also the founder of The Canna Curious Club, whose mission is rooted in demystifying, de-stigmatizing, and normalizing the gloriousness of cannabis.

The Hungry Medium’s practice is rooted in an African spiritual tradition for which she is grateful. Without this tradition, she would not be where she is right now.

At a young age, she also connected with spirit on a different plane than others. A plane that did not manifest in huge and unique ways until she was much older and drawn to the African spiritual tradition of her ancestors as her foundation for worship.

As a spiritualist and priest in the Yoruba Lukumi tradition, she eventually found her path to alignment with Source and everything that comes with that: a greater desire to help others on their journey as she travels independently.

Now, as The Hungry Medium, her goal is sincere; to inspire folks to make a shift. Whether it’s lowering or eliminating the consumption of animal products to fight disease or feeling “lighter” in our everyday lives, she hopes to impart techniques she uses to move in this world with intention and prayer.

She also has a professional career spanning over thirty years and within every niche area in marketing, most notably and namely as a subject matter expert in digital marketing and demand-gen strategies.

Welcome to our featured guest, Kat Niambi.

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