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May 8, 2021

E123 - A Bucket Full of Stories

E123 - A Bucket Full of Stories

Today, our featured guest is an art witch, a teacher, and a traveler.

As an artist witch, she dreams of dashing through moss-consumed forests, cultivating her inner spiritual spaces, and capturing this magic through art. Her work focuses on the collaboration of nature and the witch.

She works directly with trees and flowers by transferring their pattern and shape onto paper and fabric for illustrations and fiber art.

She has created art for over 15 years but decided to start actively selling her work after being diagnosed with a chronic illness two years ago. Having this illness changed her perspective on life and what she wanted for it.

She felt it was time to stand up for her path and share with others the comfort and beauty that she receives from nature's magic.

She has been formally trained as an artist, educator, and facilitator with a bachelor's and masters in arts education/ inclusive arts practice. She has taught and facilitated art in schools and groups in Maryland, Morocco, and England.

She currently sells her work via her website and uses social media to promote this.

Welcome to our featured guest, Amanda Bienko.

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