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May 9, 2021

E125 - Criticism, Life Is Too Short

E125 - Criticism, Life Is Too Short

Today, our featured guest a 54-year-old bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness influencer.

She worked 20 years on the floor before moving her coaching business online.  She has worked with all age groups of people, but today she focuses on people over 40, inspiring them to be strong, healthy, and confident.

She teaches weight training and boxing, as well as proper nutrition for a healthy, strong body.

Her mother was the female exercise coach in Bolivia in the 1970s. She gave Jane Fonda-style classes. Her classes soon became incredibly famous, and she expanded her business with franchises all over South America.

Her mother was one of her fitness instructors as of age 16. In the early '80s, her mother suffered an aneurysm which left her handicapped for life.

After her mother's illness, she went into a very dark stage of her life. A male friend offered to take her to a weightlifting gym to cheer her up, and she loved it!

She became a lifter at a time and place where women did not step into an iron gym at all. Bolivia was still a very male-dominated environment in the mid-'80s. She was the only woman in her gym for a decade and got cruelly criticized for pursuing her passion.

Thirty years later, she is a highly renowned coach and athlete with an outstanding physique and mental determination. She never gave up.

Welcome to our featured guest, Maria Blacutt.

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