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May 10, 2021

E127 - Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

E127 - Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Today, our featured guest is a renowned and respected high performance, property, and business success coach.

As a successful business investor, property entrepreneur, and authority on mindset, his ongoing mission and commitment are in supporting others in building wealth through property and business so that they can live life on their terms.

Having had a challenging start in life, growing up in a dysfunctional single-parent family with minimal financial resources, he discovered that a lack of resources was less important than an attitude of resourcefulness, coupled with a healthy mindset of possibility and good old hard work.

With no personal funds, no experience, and no track record from a standing start, he built a multi-million-pound portfolio that generated him a 6-figure income that allowed him to retire at the ripe age of 37.

He has completed over 200 property deals and is responsible for helping countless others (including many prominent, well-known people in the industry) succeed in property.

Welcome to our featured guest, Akhtar Khan.

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