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May 31, 2021

E136 - When U Lose Everything

E136 - When U Lose Everything

Today, our featured guest has spent 10 years working and thriving in the field of Art education. After winning the 2016 Maryland Art Education Association Elementary Teacher of the Year Award for the state's highest performing county, she started thinking about how to keep achieving more as a young, hungry, and passionate artist and educator.

She decided to quit her job in art education to pursue her own illustration/art workshop business. The leap into this new career pursuit came around the same time her mother was dying of multiple Myeloma.

At the most crippling moment of her life and feeling more lost than ever, she was able to use her creative outlet in illustration to build a thriving business in freelance illustration and muraling. The love of art education led her to facilitating professional development workshops for the Maryland State Department of Education as one of the youngest Roster Artists ever hired while working as an Educational Director of an art education non-profit called Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center.

She is a young creative leader, and she believes it is time for young professionals to view themselves as the same to make positive changes in our world. She also designed a coloring book, House of Curiosity, that incorporates unusual juxtapositions of architecture, wildlife, and nature. The coloring book is meant to heighten curiosity through subject distortion and playful imagery.

Welcome to our featured guest, Saz Ross.

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