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Jan. 11, 2021

E55 - Max Out, Potatoes, Eggs, & Coffee

E55 - Max Out, Potatoes, Eggs, & Coffee

Sylvester and Gregory discuss Sylvester's life's challenge as a native of Columbus, GA, who grew up surrounded by gang violence in a drug-infested neighborhood.  A young black man was only expected to do three things, die, go to jail, or make it out by luck.  Instead of becoming a product of his environment, he decided to join the Military and invest in himself.  Beating the odds with no luck but all hard work and determination, he can now call himself a combat veteran, college graduate, self-published author, and business owner. He is a recently retired Army First Sergeant with 21 years of dedicated service in the US Army. 

A combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, he has accomplished measurable results under extreme pressure while leading multiple personnel teams in dynamic, fast-paced, and hostile environments. 

Sylvester has certifications in Advance and Executive leadership. He is a best-selling author that have written many books.  A Quick Cure to Successful Leadership, Resilience Winning the Battle Within and my latest The Compass.  In 2019 Sylvester chose to become a speaker. 

He created Rising to the Top R2T to help others become game-changers that rise above their situation and achieve more by focusing on leadership and personal growth to magnify their excellence.  He has dedicated himself to sharing his universal blueprint to mental and physical success with youth and young adults. 

Sylvester glorifies the understanding that no matter what you do, as long as you bet on yourself, put your best foot forward; the outcome will always reciprocate a positive result. He is an experienced leader who has empowered 100's of people by helping them reach their goals, both personally and professionally.  Tune in and listen to the full episode of this heroic story; this is truly a game-changer and uplifting story.  

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