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Jan. 26, 2021

E61 - Never Give Up

E61 - Never Give Up

Zee and Gregory discuss her determination and willingness to Never Give Up.  Our special guest today is Zee Nkosi, a South African creative & social entrepreneur. Zee is a broadcasting graduate with over five years' experience in the media industry.  She has worked for all major South African broadcasting companies, which helped her understand the TV & film industry's culture. She produces content that aims to educate and inspire, as well as promote healthy or better living. Zee is also a commercial model, signed under one of the top agencies in RSA, Boss Models, attending social events to help people start to notice her and boost her NGO brand.

She moved away from home (from a KwaZulu natal township - "the hood", to Gauteng, "the big city") to chase her dreams, and so far, all her dreams have come true. Although she still struggles with being lonely and not spending time with my parents as often as she would like to. Zee had an unfortunate time last year that hit her and her family; she lost her little brother. it was her first-time experiencing death. Her brother's death made her realize life is too short, so she did some things in her brother's honor.

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