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March 10, 2021

E69 - Let's Get Your Sh*t Together

E69 - Let's Get Your Sh*t Together

Our special guest today is Adriana Bucci, she is a life coach based in Toronto, Canada. She empowers her clients worldwide to heal from narcissistic abuse, emotional and mental abuse, toxic family dynamics, and the emotional, mental, and physical pain that comes along with it.

Adriana has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental and Health Studies, a Mindbody Fitness Coach certificate, and a Professional Life Coach certificate. She has been coaching since 2019 after undergoing her darkest night of the soul and transformation after a lifetime of narcissistic abuse and 4-year struggle with chronic pain.

She has been there in her life and decided to use her experience to help as many people recover. She honestly believes that no matter how much emotional abuse you have been through, no matter how much physical chronic pain you are in, no matter how brainwashed you may have been as a child, you have the power to heal and transform from all those wounds.

After four years of chronic physical pain (a manifestation of my repressed emotions from childhood), she learned that healing was possible.

Her journey with chronic pain and decades of emotional/mental confusion because of narcissistic personalities in her life led her to discover her true passion for helping others.

For most of her life believed something was wrong with her mentally, emotionally, physically, as a person in general, in her personality. She felt "different." She never truly related to most of the people in her life.

As a child, she battled feelings of inadequacy from as early on as she can remember. She had a very unconventional and toxic family dynamic. Her dynamic up and down relationship with her mother began utterly alienated from her father and believing he was a complete monster for most of her life.

That "life sucks" mentality carried on into her adulthood - until she made a life-changing discovery early on in 2014, which she had no idea at the time, would completely change the course of her life.   Tune-in and listen to this "turn of events" episode. #kut2thachase #unscripted #unbrilded #podcast #e69 #letsgetyourshittogether #episode4everyone.   

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