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March 12, 2021

E71 - Your Success Hinges On Core Values

E71 - Your Success Hinges On Core Values

Greg and Gregory explore the perception of how your success hinges on core values. 

Our special guest is an innovative visionary with a passion for helping others define and achieve success; he genuinely believes that people's investment yields the highest return on the planet. Philanthropy is the cornerstone of his personal and professional relationships.

He is a Founding Member at Talent Champions Council; he helps people visualize and achieve personal & professional success. He starts with envisioning your core values & beliefs, then he and his team align it with your long-term career aspirations. His goal is to figure out how he can help you mix business with purpose.

In his family, you are disowned if you are not a Dallas Cowboys fan. Literally, from his 13-year-old niece up to his 73-year-old mother. Cowboy Blue runs VERY deep in their blood.  He is all about being adventurous.  He loves everything from zip-lining, skydiving, bungee jumping.  He is also hoping to travel into space at some point in his life once it becomes cost-effective. He is obsessed with space. He loves Star Trek, and if he were to start life over again knowing what he knows now, he would become an astronaut.

This is an episode that is surely worth exploring every minute of their discussion. Tune in and listen. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #E71 #yoursuccesshingesoncorevalues #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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