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March 13, 2021

E72 - Reset

E72 - Reset

Bibinaz & Gregory discuss how to reset; your life doesn't have to remain on the same trajectory that it is today. Long we've overextended ourselves, and it's time to take whatever steps are necessary to start fresh. 

We've all been stuck in a rut before. Whether it's because we lack motivation, are stressed out and tired, or are bored of the same old routine day in and day out, getting stuck is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes we fall off the bandwagon and begin to feel a little discontent with the way things are going.

Maybe you've hit a wall on a project, or perhaps you haven't been eating well, and now you feel sluggish all the time. Or maybe you've fallen into the comparison trap, and you're wondering why your life isn't as interesting as someone else's.

PSA: It's okay to feel discontent. Truly it is. No one is ever going to feel content with their life 100% of the time.

Our special guest today is an Interior Designer that after a personal experience, became an Anxiety Coach.

Her journey started when on the outside; she had it all and lived her best life and living in places like London, Italy, and Vancouver and working as an Interior Designer for some of the most luxurious brands in the world. But, on the inside, she was battling an extreme phobia known as hypochondria/carcinophobia.

She visited many therapists/coaches around the world. Wherever she moved, she had a coach or therapist. She would join seminars, self-help courses, and anything that she could get her hands on to remove the blockage that stopped her from moving forward and living her life. She read one book after another, hoping to get one step closer to peace.

After eight years of hard work and never giving up on herself, she can say that she has healed. She overcomes her fear or blockage. Now she helps other professionals to end anxiety permanently.

This is an episode that is surely worth exploring every minute of their discussion. Tune in and listen. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #E72 #reset #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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