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March 26, 2021

E80 - It's Personal

E80 - It's Personal

Our special guest today is born and raised in the Greater Seattle area. She went to the University of Washington with a degree in Business. She did the "try somewhere new" after college and went to San Diego. After a year of being in a corporate job she hated, she said it's time to do what I've wanted to do since a kid and got her real estate license.

For most of her childhood, her mother was a single mom, and not only that, she was an immigrant from Moscow, Russia.

She saw her struggle, she saw her work hard, and she told herself she would never rely on anyone else or let her down.

As the only child of a single mother, she moved around a lot. Though moving gave her some fantastic opportunities—and a keen understanding of Seattle and the Eastside—she also sometimes felt that she missed out on the experience of having a true sense of Home. Whether buying for the first time or moving for the umpteenth time, she serves as a guide and partner to find that true Home and help her clients move into the next phase of their real estate journey.

Real estate is significant to her and speaks her drive to work with clients to find a place to call home.

Now, she not only has a passion for finding people their Home but being a helpful and trustworthy advisor to make their lives happier & easier. Her clients turn to friends.

When not in the office, she can be found walking the Kirkland streets with her French Bulldog Fonzi; keeping active through yoga, snowboarding, and ice skating; or trying out the latest local restaurant to pop up. She is an active member of the community through her involvement with the Junior League of Seattle, a collective of women committed to volunteerism and effective action and leadership in their communities.

Welcome to our featured Guest, Veronica Morss.

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