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March 27, 2021

E81 - Let Love In

E81 - Let Love In

Today, our special guest is a love and relationship coach, intuitive healer, heart-centered artist, people connector, and lover of nature.

Growing up in a divided home requiring the management of a variety of complex relationship structures from a very young age, she has spent most of her career focused on helping her clients find love within themselves such that it may become an external expression in their lives.

A lover of adventure and new experiences, her eclectic career history has taken her through a phenomenally successful enterprise in carpentry, to being a barista in Vancouver, cooking in Jasper, welding, and childcare.

She is known within her friends' circle for having a great heart, a deep intuitive knowledge, and being the first person, you call when you need a hand for, well, pretty much anything. Deep down, she knows what it feels like to need and want to feel loved - and with this heart-centered energy, she brings more love, care, and devotion into the world.

Some of her passions are: helping people access their heart and emotions, sports of any sorts and being outside, traveling, exploring different cultures, trying out new dishes and food, learning new languages, learning about humans' psyche, being creative with her hands, drawing, baking, crafting.

Welcome our featured guest, Martina Hostettler.

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