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March 28, 2021

E82 - Where To Start

E82 - Where To Start

Today, our special guest is a business consultant, motivational speaker, business strategist, life coach, and professional tennis coach.

His career started in financial services back in 2006.  Forward 2009, the stock market crashed when his career was firing on all cylinders; right at that moment, he was engaged and having his first little girl, he knew he had to do something, so he had to decide and do it fast. 

Somehow Tennis fell into his lap; he was out watching an older white gentleman play Tennis in the back of his neighborhood; he went out there for weeks at a time to stare at them. He finally got enough gall to ask them to play. He started playing well really well, and he got certified fast. 

Gerald holds a Bachelor of Business administrations and Management from The University of Western Australia.

His passions are deeply rooted in the homeless also the unequal balance of minority treatment financially, socially, and globally. Gerald is passionate about Buddhism and spirituality Meditation. He also really loves classical music.

Welcome our featured guest, Gerald Fears.

This is an episode that is surely worth exploring every minute of their discussion. Tune in and listen. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #E82 #wheretostart #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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