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Jan. 3, 2022

My Body Is Ravaged

My Body Is Ravaged

My body is ravaged by this disease called multiple myeloma. While my appearance may seem normal my body is fighting every second to eradicate this cancer as it continues to attack my bone marrow and plasma cells. 

As hideous as this cancer is there is no stopping the emotional, physical, and financial pain brought forth when you are diagnosed with Cancer.  

Yes, the word that no one wants to hear.  

Unfortunately, for those of us who have dealt with or currently battling cancer life appears different through our lens.  

In most cases, it’s succumbed to fatigue, discomfort, plenty of symptoms, and some major drug cocktails which leave you in a foggy state of mind sometimes. 

I like to reflect when I am in tough or challenging situations. I like to look back often and reflect on how God has provided for me in the past. It’s easy to look ahead in the future with hope when you have looked at the past with gratitude.

Yes, it has been an interesting journey, to say the least. Last year started out unexpectedly little did any of us know the events that would follow when 2021 began.

There was a lot of chaos in our environment and our world, we found ourselves overwhelmed, powerless and confused. We experienced a lot of changes that were out of our control.  

Yes all of us

As we begin, 2022 we should definitely consider just how much our lives matter. It’s not just about sitting a New Years Resolution and then forgetting about it by February. It’s about the sincerity you have when you look into the mirror and your life and realize things must change.  

That’s the challenge for us all in 2022

πŸ‘‰ Being present is important

πŸ‘‰ Understanding how to deal with life interruptions 

πŸ‘‰ Networking & community is everything

πŸ‘‰ The power of prayer 


I think taking time to reflect is good for the soul. Every day I am thanking God for the present moment, my health, his provision, and I also like to thank him for how he is going to provide in the future. I pray you do the same.

Happy New Year 2022, everyone & God bless each of you and your families 

PS (MM Warriors):

Once in a while, we’re given a very rare and special friend. Thank you for being that friend. Your kindness has meant so much to me.