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April 10, 2022

Starting A New Chapter

Starting A New Chapter

As I embark on +60 days post my SCT (aka transplant). I’ve started to reflect on these past 9+ months and realized my blessings.

As gregory2.0 begins to stretch his wings, I must not take for granted my battle with cancer and its challenges which I had to overcome to be where I am today.

The reflection of looking into that rear mirror can be pretty scary, overwhelming, and daunting all at the same time.

Cancer doesn’t care…
👉 who are you?
👉 where do you come from?
👉 what do you have?
When it grabs hold of your livelihood. It isn’t perfect 🥲

Behold, you realize that this does not end, and like light switches, your mind, body, spirit, and soul begin to tell you it’s time to fight, and the battle begins.

Something good is about to happen; however, it will not always be easy. Nevertheless, when you pull through, the reward of life is “priceless.”

I’ve been offered a 2nd chance, like many of my MM sisters and brothers.

My question to each of you is ………..👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

How Do You Plan to Start A New Life Chapter?

My immediate answer is…..

I plan to leave the past in the past. 🤔

I’ve grown to learn from my past experiences, and those lessons are embedded in me forever to assist in me becoming a better person as I look forward to my future.

Also, I would like to believe it’s time for me to experience life to its fullest.

Many of you have asked if I would consider writing a book, public speaking, or coaching. Well, with all things considered, I’m certainly discovering that there are things I would like to change regarding my career path also.

I guess you all will have to wait and see what’s next….😮

Much love goes out to all of you who have supported, encouraged, and showed me, unconditional love through the remarkable journey.

I’m grateful to every one of you.

God bless