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Jan. 8, 2021

How It All Started [2020]

How It All Started [2020]

Opening doors for individuals to share their stories can be challenging; besides, the realities of managing this effort through a progressing pandemic and social uprising.  It was conceivable not the best time to consider launching Kut2thaChase Podcast.

This mind-trip of reflection through the point of view of people's troubles and triumphs helps me get dynamically grateful for humankind's capacity to connect networks and its ability to change the landscape.

You see, a friend once expressed to me that "he wakes up in a new world everyday." right away, it took me a second then I understand the genuine significance of his statement. There is opportunity surrounding us; some decide to acknowledge it while others consider letting it cruise by them.

First and foremost, I had no idea about running a podcast; in any case, how to get this off the ground and structure it so I could pull in the correct guests and influencers to participate.  Presently 11 months after the fact, we are broadcasting in 11 countries, and with over 69% of our audience members being women, we have gotten elevate.  None of this would have even been conceivable with the special guests' help from our initial episodes.

I genuinely want to thank every one of you for the discussion. I was delighted with the degree of responsibility and wiliness to help my new digital broadcast attempt.  It gives me a fantastic privilege to recognize who every one of you is as astonishing people, whom I have made history with and built up a long-lasting friendship.  

I'm so grateful to show love and respect to everyone for making this podcast a success. 

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